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Spiritual Guidance & Healing


To bring you answers,  guidance and healing to help you create your best life.


To help you understand, heal and release negative imprints within your energetic DNA that are holding you back and causing you to repeat unwanted patterns and cycles that are no longer necessary.

Our energetic DNA strands holds onto memories and imprints from our past, past lives and ancestral /generational patterns. These causes us to have negative and limited thoughts and beliefs, consciously or subconsciously keeping us stuck and blocking us from manifesting all that we truly desire.

As we heal our past and receive more light and activate our higher conscious states, our innate gifts, power to manifest and heal ourselves are enhanced.

My purpose is to help you understand these blockages, release them and come into alignment with your Divinity so you can consciously manifest and live your best life doing the things that inspire you the most.


You are deserving of deep soulful love, relationships, prosperity, good health and happiness and it is my promise to you that when you are aligned to your Divinity, you will feel the abundance from deep within your core and from that point you will see your relationship with your family and loved ones transform, you will easily manifest your Divine soulmate, money will flow to you easily, your health will improve but...most of will be in awe by the presence of the Divine forces working with you. 


You are not alone. Divine forces are always working with you. You just have to be ready to awaken and rebirth into a higher frequency of living.




Sessions include
Spiritual Guidance / Intuitive Reading 

A little guidance can go along way. While we all have access to higher guidance, sometimes it can get clouded due to clutter and stress. I work with Spirit as a vessel of clear channel to bring you the guidance and clarity that you need to move forward. I also combine astrology and numerology to determine your life path and lessons.

Intuitive readings can also help you see what you are missing, what your blockages are and the likely outcome based on your current energy. Breakthroughs and healing can happen naturally through clarity. 


Spiritual / Shamanic Healing

Healing is different for everyone depending on where you are on your journey. A healing session is meant to help you let go at the deepest inner level of your being for highest healings to take place. A healing session can help clear away negativity at an energetic level bringing in the breakthrough that you need.

It can also to a certain extent help release energetic cords, ancestral and karmic patterns within the energetic DNA, energetic blockages and negativity within your energy body. This solely depends on the individual. The key is to remember that the inner work must be done. Sometimes, this can only happen through certain experiences. When you are ready, we can then proceed to transmute the energy freeing you from it, enabling a rebirth.

Activate your higher conscious states and start receiving higher guidance that will help you with your soul mission and earthly manifestations.

From a deeper inner level, it offers transformation, a letting go of the world and the worldly ways as you have known it and to embrace a new way of living. It is not for everyone. It is for those who are ready to let go of the illusion and  actually rebirth into a new reality and to start manifesting all that they truly desire or didn't think was possible. 



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I'm Amreeta Stara


I have worked with clients from all around the world for more than ten years now and I have seen miracle like shifts happen when we start to work on healing at a soul level. 

I have evolved and shifted so much in the last 7 years of my life that I no longer recognise myself. Detaching from my past identity and reality were the greatest blessing in my life that helped me to actually feel inner happiness and joy and from that point, life was never the same.

 My gifts, my ability to see the unseen, the aura, spirit guides and higher energy are something I always tried to hide and run away from until I embraced it and it became my greatest tool. I assure you, you are never alone. You just have to know how to work with Divine forces that are always there waiting to help you.

 Allow me to share my gifts with you.



More About Me Sessions & Packages

"I would love to share with you my amazing experiences I had with this beautiful divine soul. My name is suzette, I have been so lucky to know what I call the mistress of space healing, just being in her energy is absolutely life changing . Amreeta is every thing she claims to be,very proffesional, overwhelming with her knowledge, over giving,over generous with her work. Amreeta implements an epic divine work, I went through a massive healing and a transformation and had a ripple effects on my life. I only work with women who knows their work, Amreeta certainly changes lives. I do know that the world needs to know about you and experience the magic that's absolutely priceless. From my heart to yours I am very grateful to meet a woman who is fearceful and knows her truth. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™"


"I went to see Amreeta to help myself after a failed relationship that broke me. Not only did Amreeta help me shift completely out of the toxic pattern I was in, she shifted my entire mindset and way of thinking. My business started to grow, my positive vibes started to attract the right people into my life and I have never felt this inspired to grow. "


"Once upon a time I thought I knew what meditation was...Until I met Amreeta! She has taught me so much about meditation practices and is always sharing tips and tools. Amreeta is a truly gifted and her meditative healing sessions are next level. She has been able to provide me with physical pain relief as well as relief from anxiety and depressive moods. Amreeta’s sessions has been more powerful than medication or psychologist sessions. On a spiritual level she has help me overcome any blockages and tune into my power and discover my soul purpose."


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