OMG!!! Amreeta is beyond amazing!!! She’s an authentic healer and has an immense ability to heal you completely. She will tell you the root cause of your problem and explain you whatever is going on with your energies. She will heal you so a new you will emerge within you. It will be a rebirth of you but in a blissful way. I had a physical problem regarding my pelvic area which was incurable in medical terms and she healed it!!! Also had chakra blockages which she helped me to get it in the flow. She is unique and spiritually gifted with an ability to awaken you in your true essence. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to heal themselves and take themselves to the next higher level. I feel so alive after the session!!! She’s truly adorable, genuine, and caring!!! Honestly I have never met anyone like her she has the magic to heal your life and transform you.



Ive tried many spiritual paths on my way to enlightment. Ive tried many different ways to deal with the headache of my past but nobody has helped me the Way Amreeta has.
All the things I never thought possible to tranform has been healed with her help!
She is a pure magic-starlight that walks on this Earth, and I'm truely blessed for working so close with her ! I continue my journey with her and it’s amazing 🤗🧚‍♂️🤩❤️



"Amreeta showed me how powerful I truly am and that has been most liberating for me. I was guided to have an insight into my personal truth and I slowly began to understand my true journey, my soul purpose. While my journey is a constantly evolving one, what remains steadfast is her ever positive take on the circumstances at hand. Nonetheless, her desire to help others to help themselves through self empowerment is what amazes me most of Amreeta. I wish her only love and light"


Rebecca J

My time with Amreeta has transformed my life. We met for a session over a month ago and her process of identifying the blockages, the areas where I was stuck and then clearing me of my past continues to manifest change. I feel so light, so connected, so free. I do her meditations every day. It is rare for me to feel the profundity of continued transformation a month after a session. Its amazing. 



"Honest, authentic, straight forward with no spiritual fluff."



"Amreeta helped me manifest my business growth & success and gave me clarity on my path forward. I highly recommend her services."



​ "Amreeta helped me transform completely. I was at a difficult place and time in my life. I could not think clearly and was addicted to alcohol and smoking. I attended the meditative healing sessions and was able to cut down the addictions immediately. I felt so good and clear for the first time in a very long time. I attended sessions for 2 months and am now addiction free. I have a good job and healthier relationships."


Kathy ​

"Amazing practitioner. I had nerve pain for 2 years. Amreeta identified my pain as soon as I walked in (which surprised me) and helped me understand my negative emotions associated with it. After two sessions, my pain started to subside and by the third session I was no longer stressed and I feel like the nerve pains are gone. I continue to follow her meditation and guidance daily and feel like a new person. She is warm, passionate and has plenty to share. I am still amazed!!!"



" It is hard to explain the session I had with Amreeta as you will have to experience it to truly understand the impact of it. There were flashes of light throughout the session & I felt like I had drifted into a different world. I had tears of joy pouring out and I cant remember ever feeling such contentment"



" My husband had schizophrenia over 7 years and Amreeta helped heal him via distance healing. We were truly in shock."


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