Terms & Conditions of Services

Client Release Document & Agreement

NOTE: Coach/Practitioner are used interchangeably in the following document.

1. I wish to receive one or more of the following Deep Meditative Alignment & Coaching session/s from Amreeta Stara.

  • 1:1 in person Session
  • 1:1 Online Session
  • In person Group Session
  • Online Group Sessions
  •  Packaged Sessions

2. I  confirm that I am a person of sound mind and that I am 18 years of age or older.

3. I have read and understood what I will be receiving by signing up for the packages and sessions.

4. I agree not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during sessions.

5. I understand that I should not be driving or operating any heavy machinery while listening to any pre-recorded recordings.

6. I understand that results vary and that the above name practitioner may not guarantee results.

7. I understand that all comments, guidance, energy healing/alignment and suggestions made or given during sessions are made holistically to help me improve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

8. I understand that the above therapy/coaching sessions are not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counselling. I also understand that the practitioner does not treat, prescribe for or diagnose any condition.

9. I am aware that the Deep Meditative Energy Healing and Meditative Alignment is a form of gentle, simple, natural and safe method of energy healing that may require mild hypnosis (relaxation), deep meditative techniques and that the energy transmitted here differ from being very mild to very deep and profound depending on my need.

10. I have been informed on and am aware of the possible healing crisis or tiredness that could follow a session. 

11. I understand that the in-person sessions can either be hands-on, where the practitioner will respectfully touch my shoulders, hands, wrists, arms, legs, sternum, face, or forehead in order to assist me in relaxation during the session, or hands-off where the practitioner will hold her hands slightly above my body.

12. I understand that I may require multiple sessions of the above-mentioned therapy/coaching as energy alignment and inner transformation could take time.

13. I understand and believe that self-improvement and shifting my mindset to manifest great changes in my life requires commitment on my part, and that I must be willing to change in a positive way if I am to receive the full benefit of the therapy/coaching.

14. I understand that I can terminate or reschedule any or all sessions at any time by giving 24 hours' notice prior to the session unless prior arrangement has been made with a different cancellation policy.  I have agreed to participate in each session to the best of my ability.

15. I understand that if at any time I feel discomfort or have a problem with or during the session, it is my responsibility to voice my concerns.

16. I have accurately provided background information as requested by the practitioner.

17. I understand that confidentially regarding my sessions will be honoured between Amreeta Stara and me. This same confidentially is respected when working with minors under the age of eighteen.

18. I understand that my practitioner/coach is ethically and legally obligated to disclose information given in confidence if there is reason to believe that I may harm yourself or harm someone else or if there is reason to believe that I am involved in or have knowledge of child abuse/neglect or abuse/neglect of an elderly or disabled person or in the case of the subpoena of records.

19. I understand that from time to time my practitioner may consult with other colleagues, but in this circumstance my name will not be identified.

20. I understand that my coach may need to consult or contact my doctor before or during therapy sessions if necessary.

21. I understand that my practitioner/coach may (if necessary) require consent from my doctor (physician/psychiatrist) prior to commencing sessions. It is my duty to obtain this necessary consent. I agree that I have consulted and that my health care professional is aware of my decision to proceed with the session/s.

22. I understand that, depending on the state of my mental health, further psychiatric treatment may be needed and will be suggested to me and documented by Amreeta Stara if she determines my situation to be outside the scope of the above-mentioned therapies.

23. I understand that my practitioner and I have a professional and not a personal relationship.

24. I agree to pay Amreeta Stara, for all services rendered in a timely fashion if working with a payment plan; otherwise, I understand payment is due before each session unless other arrangements have been made in writing.  I understand that all prepaid sessions must be used within 180 days of today’s date.

25. I understand that package deals are usually cheaper per session. I understand that if I were to terminate or cancel the packaged sessions before completing the sessions in it, I will be charged the original full fee for the sessions completed and only the balance will be refunded. 

26. I have read and understood the details pertaining to Energy Alignment consultation and fees.

27. I understand that as a client, I have some important responsibilities:

  • To attend all scheduled appointments and be on time.
  • To remember that once an appointment is made, the coach/practitioner has set time aside for me and it is my responsibility to cancel/reschedule my appointments within 24 hours of my scheduled time.

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