Join Amreeta Stara as she guides you through a deep meditative healing and transformational session to bring you breakthroughs, healing, activations, awakening and amplified manifestations.



This workshop is for you if you are ready to

  • ditch normal and society's expectations
  • shift the way you perceive your reality
  • step out of your comfort zone and do the inner work
  • heal and release your past pain, disappointments and negative imprints that are influencing your life
  • work with higher energy, activate your inner light & higher conscious states
  • put on your crown, realign to your Divinity and start creating the life you truly wish to have


What to look forward to:

  • Higher Guidance on your questions - 5 minutes per person
  • Pick a card
  • Deep meditative energy healing, light transmissions and activations to release negative imprints, come into alignment with your Higher Self and receive higher guidance
  • Amplified manifestation
Group Workshop Elliot Oak, Port Elliot

18th September 2021, 2.00pm to 4.30pm



I've tried many spiritual paths on my way to enlightenment. I've tried many different ways to deal with the heartache of my past but nobody has helped me the way Amreeta has. All the things I never thought possible to transform has been healed with her help! She is a pure magic-starlight that walks on this Earth, and I'm truely blessed for working so close with her ! I continue my journey with her and it’s amazing 🤗🧚‍♂️🤩❤️


Amreeta my heart goes out to you thank you for the beautiful soulful divine healing. You are beyond this world, you are phenomenal with your powers, I am very grateful thank you for the spiritual mentoring, you have the master light. I love how you can see into the soul, to transcend the energy, the mindset framework and your teachings are from the angels. Amreeta has direct knowing to source, frequency and channels, has an abundance of gifts, wisdom and knowledge to share. Amreeta empowerment coach will create the magic, create the life force around your chakras and open you up to a whole new world. Amreeta does this with kindness, humility,  fun, and vibration. Alignment and divine force has brought us together so thank you, thank you, thank you. The healing and clearing was pure blisspline and the light codes that run through my body, the shakes and the feeling of the darkness leaving my body was a transformation experience was surreal.  I will share and recommend your inspiring services across the lands and I look forward to our next spiritual truth 💙🦋🙏💃❤


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