Understand Your Reality

Oct 21, 2020

Our physical body is the manifestation of Source light oscillating through the dimensions eventually vibrating at high speed merging with earth forming into matter. Hence forming the physical body. It is the same with the entire Universe. It is the Harmonic Universe that everything is formed within. Therefore we are both light and matter. Our mission in every lifetime is to embody more light and realign to our Divine self as we live our physical earthly life to the fullest. This happens as we heal our blocks, release the old paradigm and understand our existence. We are no longer attached to limiting beliefs or ways of living.

A complete liberation of the soul merging with our essence of Unconditional Love. In this state we become limitless. The soul goes through all its experiences to experience the human life without loosing focus its true essence.

As we heal, align and embody more light through our physical life we consciously or subconsciously share that light with others helping them evolve, shifting consciousness as we go, helping the world transcend which is part of our life mission and our soul ascends to higher levels which is our souls mission.

When you start to see everything from a higher perspective, you will understand that nothing is personal to you. You can easily liberate yourself and create the life you wish to have.


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