My Morning Rituals

Apr 19, 2020


Morning rituals are a must for me! It is all about aligning and laying a strong foundation for my day, just like I would for my week, month and year with the flexibility to embrace changes where necessary. Choosing consciously to be in control of your day by setting powerful habits can transform your life significantly. 

These are the few things I do as part of my morning ritual that helps me get into the right energy and mindset and have a really productive day!


1) Waking up 2 hours before my kids wake up  

I like waking up early so that I have enough time to centre and realign before my kids wake up. I remember being enticed by ‘The 5am’ Concept when I was still in law school and waking up at 5:00 AM was the best thing I ever did. Not only did I do well, I even got a scholarship!



I have started implementing that again lately after reading Robin Sharma's  'The 5 AM Club' book and I must say it has been a catalyst for a calmer and more productive day and life. Especially being a full- time single mom, waking up early and just having that hour to my self is non-negotiable. Starting my day right, having a proper schedule and plan for my day is a must in order for the rest to follow! Especially so now, with the chaos and having my three (3) kids at home all the time, centring myself is vital to making the best out of my day.


 2) Positive affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to start your morning. As put by the queen of affirmation, the late Louise Hay, affirmations are

“A way of opening the door and starting out on a path to change”

Do this first thing in the morning when you wake up. Smile or laugh and say out aloud “I am happy”,  ‘I feel amazing’,  ‘today is going to be an amazing day’ or any other positive affirmation.

Even if you are very depressed or stressed or worried with all that’s going on. Force yourself to do this. It is not about faking it but it is about stepping into your power and deciding how you want to feel and setting an intention for how your day is going to be. Consciously going against any negativity in your mind creates an immediate shift in your energy field, psychologically causing a change in the brain activity triggering happy emotions thereby reducing stress and improving your mood. Starting your day in positive mood and energy helps bring in more positivity into the day and your life. SMILE FULLY using the facial muscles around your eyes. You will sense an immediate shift in your emotions. 

 Avoid the news or social media immediately as you wake up.

Remember however, the key is to bring this positive energy into your day. Don’t leave it there in your bed or coffee cup!


3) Hot water

I prefer a liquid diet until 11:00 AM where I then have a healthy brunch. I usually have lemon in hot water or a mixture of lemon, cold-pressed ginger, turmeric and hot water first thing when I wake up. These have such strong benefits in helping flush out toxins and boosting immunity and good digestive system as well as being anti-inflammatory. I like adding in mint leaves as well. 




4) Cleanse my space and energy

I love smudging my space with palo santo or sandalwood powder/chips/sticks and defusing essential oil. (I find these to be the best smudging tools) Different types of smudging have been a spiritual practise for centuries. It has been used to cleanse off negative or stagnant energy from a person or space and to promote healing and wisdom. 



Defusing different essential oils also helps with this. I especially love using lemongrass and lime to cleanse the space followed by frankincense to activate higher energy in the space. It is essential to clear the energy in your surrounding as we are energy beings and are influenced by the energy in our surrounding.  

In addition, smudging and diffusing essential oils are also seen today as a good way to clear harmful bacteria.

Open up curtains and blinds and windows if possible, to allow sunlight and fresh air in. Allow for energy flow.

After my client Lin started smudging and clearing the energy in her home, she stopped falling ill and was no longer getting angry as she used to before. 


5) Light a candle, meditate & gratitude prayer

I light a candle daily in the south area in home. In Feng Shui practise, the south position of your home/space is positively influenced by the element of fire. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practise that focuses on harmonising the energy of the space to promote peace, harmony and prosperity. I see fire as power and protection and so lighting a candle helps me to ignite this power and protection in the morning. As I light the candle, I visualise light flowing into my home and life surrounding me and my children. 


I also like using this time to meditate and realign to Source energy. I would usually do a 20 minutes meditation in the morning, some days I do a longer meditation, although I prefer doing a longer meditation  at night just before I sleep. You may refer to my morning meditations here or on my YouTube channel if you wish too. I will attach the links below.

If you are in a hurry, then just do a quick realignment meditation / connection. Remember, meditation is all about aligning to Source energy. What you need to do here is close your eyes and bring your vision within to your third eye. Take three deep breaths in and out and allow your body and mind to relax. Then visualise Source energy (golden light) flowing in from the top of your head and down your spine and all around you activating your inner power and just connecting you directly to Source energy. Visualise your entire body enveloped in this powerful energy. Allow your frequency to rise and expand into Source energy. You are now one with Source and this higher energy now works through you and for you, looking out for you and synchronising everything for your benefit. It is like you are plugged into Source energy and you are constantly receiving wisdom, healing, guidance, protection, love, blessings in all ways.  Stay in this positive energy throughout your day. Remember, you are manifesting all the time and you manifest what is in your vibration. So stay in positivity and you will manifest more positivity and an amazing day. If you practise doing this for 100 days, your life will never be the same. The inner bliss is incomparable and the life you can create is beyond your wildest dreams! 100 days and no giving up before the finish line! 

Please always remember to ground yourself after meditating. Bring your mind back to your body so that you are not left spacy. Always bring the energy back to the base of your spine and legs after meditating. Otherwise it will be hard to focus on the tasks set for the day as your mind is still floating in the clouds. Grounding is something you can do every time you feel spacy and floaty or find it hard to focus. Squats are a really good way to ground your energy.

I also use this time to focus and thank Source for all the blessings I have in my life. Being grateful helps you focus on all the amazing positive things you have in your life hence enforcing happiness and positivity. 


6) Shielding my energy field

Just like you would lock your home doors and windows to protect your home from intruders, the same way it would be good to lock your energy field to stop unwanted energy from coming in and invading your space.

The best way to do this is to visualise blue light (protective energy) surrounding you creating an energetic shield keeping you safe and protected at all times. The blue light is very powerful higher frequency energy that you can work with to shield and protect yourself as well as remove blockages. Many of my clients have had life changing experiences after practising this. It stops you from absorbing in other people’s energy and stops others from draining your energy. Just in case you have forgotten, allow me to remind you that we are energy beings and working with your energy directly can be much, much more easier and rewarding.




7) Setting an Intention for the day

I prefer journaling and planning for my day the night before. In the morning I like looking through my journal and setting an intention to achieve the goals that I have set for the day. This keeps me grounded and helps me perform better.



Having a schedule laid out shows me all the time I have to get all that I need done for the day and week ahead. This way I do not need to panic and stress about time. I am much more relaxed and focused. This is what keeps me sane being a full-time single mom! Being organised and balanced in my mind. I find that I am only easily agitated when I am not centred. Having a plan for your day, week, month and year is useful whether you have three kids, no kids or a dozen kids. I just can't imagine surviving without one.


8) Exercise & Movement

I prefer basic yoga, stretching, dancing and light weights in the morning while listening to very uplifting music. It especially helps me to ground and bring the focus back to my body. It also 100% helps with boosting focus and improving physical and mental wellbeing. So physical movement is a must! 


Well this is my ritual for the first 60 minutes of my day. Having a ritual/routine not only helps you get organised and balanced but also psychologically helps the mind prepare for a productive day.


Remember, remember, remember!!!

The key however is to remember to carry this positive energy into your entire day. You are manifesting all the time so there is really no point of being positive for 60 to 90 minutes and negative for the rest of the hours in your day. Hence checking in with your self every 3 hours will be a good idea! Just taking time to reconnect, breathe, relax and raise your frequency.

My clients who have practised this diligently have had life changing experiences and so can you!

Rituals are something to be practised diligently especially if you are feeling down and are not in the mood for it. I would strongly recommend a 100 days of strictly following your rituals and not giving up if you want to see a positive change in your life. It is really about taking your power back from your subconscious mind! 

I will cover more on this as we go. So stay tuned! Follow! Like! Share!



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