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About Amreeta Stara


Amreeta Stara is renowned internationally for her coaching & therapy that have helped many have powerful breakthroughs, healing, awakening and transformations. 

She also enjoys writing and has published articles in various international publications. 

She applies a holistic approach integrating Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, mindfulness, meditation, consciousness and energy shifting techniques and tools to help her clients live consciously, while healing, evolving, transforming and creating a happy fulfilled life.

She believes that many today are oblivious to their own consciousness, barriers and ability create an abundant, full and meaningful life. 

She is also a law graduate, a certified Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist, a Reiki Master, Mindfulness, Meditation & Holistic Life Coach



More About Me Sessions & Packages

 Conscious Living Coaching & Therapy


 A holistic approach towards inner mastery & happiness


Sessions include


Guidance & Coaching to help you

  • recognise your blockages & negative imprints,  

  • take action and make the necessary changes to realign to your inner being and infinite power

  • shift your perception about your life and problems

  • follow through steps for breakthroughs, transformation and start manifesting what you truly desire



    Deep meditative alignment  - combining powerful meditation techniques, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & energy healing

  • to release negative energy & activate your energy centres to allow your energy to flow

  • release negative emotions, beliefs, patterns and  imprints that come to surface

  • shift your consciousness as you realign to your heart  activating that innate bliss and ecstasy that will transform you into a powerful positive magnet.


 Clients have had breakthroughs from healing physical, mental and emotional issues to manifesting their dream relationships and life. These are clients who followed the process and did the inner work. 

 (please note that this is not a substitute for medical or professional health care)


Life is a journey to heal, evolve and expand while living and creating our best life consciously.  My purpose is to help you understand your reality, get to the core of your problem and get out of the hamster wheel of life.

As you start applying the mindful tools and values and start living consciously, you will create the inner transformation that will manifest effortlessly into your physical life.


You are deserving of deep soulful love, relationships, prosperity, good health and happiness. 






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"I would love to share with you my amazing experiences I had with this beautiful divine soul. My name is suzette, I have been so lucky to know what I call the mistress of space healing, just being in her energy is absolutely life changing . Amreeta is every thing she claims to be,very proffesional, overwhelming with her knowledge, over giving,over generous with her work. Amreeta implements an epic divine work, I went through a massive healing and a transformation and had a ripple effects on my life. I only work with women who knows their work, Amreeta certainly changes lives. I do know that the world needs to know about you and experience the magic that's absolutely priceless. From my heart to yours I am very grateful to meet a woman who is fearceful and knows her truth. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™"


"OMG!!! Amreeta is beyond amazing!!! Sheโ€™s an authentic healer and has an immense ability to heal you completely. She will tell you the root cause of your problem and explain you whatever is going on with your energies. She will heal you so a new you will emerge within you. It will be a rebirth of you but in a blissful way. I had a physical problem regarding my pelvic area which was incurable in medical terms and she healed it!!! Also had chakra blockages which she helped me to get it in the flow. She is unique and spiritually gifted with an ability to awaken you in your true essence. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to heal themselves and take themselves to the next higher level. I feel so alive after the session!!! Sheโ€™s truly adorable, genuine, and caring!!! Honestly I have never met anyone like her she has the magic to heal your life and transform you."


"Once upon a time I thought I knew what meditation was...Until I met Amreeta! She has taught me so much about meditation practices and is always sharing tips and tools. Amreeta is a truly gifted and her meditative healing sessions are next level. She has been able to provide me with physical pain relief as well as relief from anxiety and depressive moods. Amreetaโ€™s sessions has been more powerful than medication or psychologist sessions. On a spiritual level she has help me overcome any blockages and tune into my power and discover my soul purpose."


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